John Aviza: Balance is Steamboat’s challenge |

John Aviza: Balance is Steamboat’s challenge

There have been several comments on the negative and positive side of Steamboat’s tourist industry.

There's no question that Steamboat currently needs a robust tourist industry in order to sustain what it has become. But at what point do you cross the line between quality of life and quantity of money?

The tourists who come to Steamboat also deserve a quality of life during their visits. But I have often heard from tourists how their visits no longer are associated with a quality of life.

Sure Steamboat needs events and national/world advertising to sustain the current Steamboat machine, but there is a point where just maybe Steamboat has crossed the line from quality of life (for both the residents and the tourists) to the quantity of money.

The point is that there should be a balance between the two. Neither should suffer at the expense of the other. And that is what will be Steamboat's challenge.

John Aviza

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