JoEllen Heydon: Give your input |

JoEllen Heydon: Give your input

As a parent with young children living in this community I am concerned about why the issue of a community recreation center has not been at the forefront of the City Council’s agenda in the past months, but instead, the focus has been on rebuilding a community center for use by a small number of residents?

Is there a conflict of interest between council members and the issue?

City-owned, multi-functional, multi-generational recreation centers are the crown jewels of other communities in Colorado. Why not ours?

A community recreation center would benefit so many people who live and visit Steamboat Springs. Think of the possibilities: indoor pool, indoor track, basketball, volleyball, raquetball, indoor soccer/lacrosse/football, birthday parties and family functions, not to mention plenty of rooms for senior, youth and teen activities, dance classes, art, aerobic, yoga and more. The best thing about this facility is that many of these activities could be taking place at the same time in the same location.

If the proposed improvements at the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Center or “Old Town Hot Springs” — which include but are not limited to enclosing the majority of the outdoor pool — were to be funded, in part, by the city, would that funding serve the greatest good for the people of Steamboat?

What it boils down to is this: Are you, the taxpayer, willing to fund improvements to a facility that could cost $16 million and only include two major components of a recreation center, or would you rather fund a new facility that would cost $19 million and consist of seven or more major components?

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The residents of our community need to get involved in this issue now and tell the City Council what they would like to see funded — not the other way around.

If you are concerned with the outcome of the recreation issue in Steamboat, please attend the May 9 and 16 City Council meetings and let them know what you want.

JoEllen Heydon

Steamboat Springs