Joe Pete Lorusso: Ivancie voted ‘no’ |

Joe Pete Lorusso: Ivancie voted ‘no’

I have been dismayed at candidate for City Council Steve Ivancie’s position that working people in Steamboat would be better off with fewer tourists.

The reduction of tourism would mean many would lose their jobs, the first being restaurant and lodging workers. These losses would yield fewer schoolchildren, which means some of our teachers would lose their jobs. Fewer taxes generated by our workers in retail stores would bring about government budget cuts and city and county workers losing jobs. The negative effects would be wide ranging.

As a current councilman, Ivancie could have served working people better by supporting issues protecting and improving our economy. After years of work, the majority of the council voted “yes” on ways to upgrade the ski base area and keep air service to the valley without raising local’s taxes. These initiatives will protect and improve jobs. He voted “no” on both of these important issues and offered no meaningful alternative plans.

Working people deserve a better advocate to protect and improve their jobs.

Joe Pete Lorusso
Steamboat Springs