Joe Meglen: The state of our union |

Joe Meglen: The state of our union

As we observe the state of our union, and the direction we are traveling, it is obvious that unless there is a drastic change in course the idea of America, the great experiment in liberty, will be extinguished. We are witnessing the destruction of a nation, its people and the bankruptcy of another socialist empire.

Those that have captured the government are opposed to the Constitution that restrains the state and preserves freedom. The United States now is on the fast track to fascism where large monied interests become the government. All three branches are corrupt. This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue, for the parties are a duopoly. They are one in the same party. It is the state versus the people. After more than 100 years of “Progressive” control of America, the parasite is killing the host.

The promise always has been that giving government more authority, centralizing power in Washington, D.C., creating new programs, tens of thousands of agencies, new regulations and larger bureaucracies will provide “social justice” with the goal of egalitarianism. The coercive collective action in the name of the “greater good” is not only immoral; it destroys the human spirit, potential and opportunity.

Are we better off today for trading our freedom for control dictated by an “enlightened” elite elected by the majority? Obviously, the opposite is true.

Government grows at the expense of the people. It now takes two incomes to try and just survive. Between confiscatory taxes, crushing regulations and the secret tax of inflation created by a cartel of private bankers called the Federal Reserve, we are like squirrels running in a squirrel cage. No matter how fast we run we never get ahead, for the ruling class siphons off the fruits of our labor at an ever accelerating rate.

Our rulers are not suffering like We the people from the 2008 financial collapse, the hollowing out of the U.S. economy and declining incomes over the last four decades. The political and ruling class doesn’t send their children to Common Core public schools. They live like the landed gentry of the British Empire our Founding Fathers fought against.

The servant now has become the master. The people are to be looted until there is nothing left to harvest.

Collectivism is a mental condition that causes free people to voluntarily enslave themselves, a testimony to government controlled schools and mainstream media. Stopping and reversing the carnage now is up to the law-abiding citizens.

Washington, D.C., cannot be fixed from the top down. It will only happen from the bottom up. We can take steps locally by decentralizing and restoring local control. This is accomplished by understanding who we are consenting to allow to govern.

Incumbents that have betrayed their sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution by voting for unconstitutional bills must be voted out. They are nothing more than rubber stamps for the corrupt Washington, D.C., establishment that is destroying America.

We can’t allow ourselves to be trapped into “voting the party” for there are unprincipled politicians in both political parties. It is essential that voters elect only principled candidates that support smaller constitutional government, which means that the people have to understand who they are voting for. Elections have consequences. It is a voter’s responsibility to be informed.

We the people must decide if we are to continue down the road to serfdom or take the essential steps necessary to restore our Constitutional Republic. Vote to legalize freedom in November. Legalizing freedom will resurrect individual liberty and unleash the free market forces that made America great.

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