Joe Cashen: Spend wisely |

Joe Cashen: Spend wisely

Recently, Silver Spur (Silverview Estates) and Heritage Park subdivisions were assessed new property values for the purpose of taxation. Upon reviewing information on the county assessor’s Web site, I came up with the following information. Steamboat II is not included for these purposes.

These recent assessments create an additional $7,820,000 in assessed property values for the purposes of property taxes paid ($4.26 million additional value for Silver Spur, $3.56 million additional value for Heritage Park).

These new assessments of Silver Spur and Heritage Park equate to roughly $663,000 in additional tax revenue (using the current mill levy of 84.869).

To be clear, this $663,000 is new tax revenue on top of previous property taxes paid by property owners in these two subdivision.

How can we ensure that these additional tax dollars paid by Silver Spur and Heritage Park are being used for government services that directly benefit our two growing communities?

Does this new tax revenue go toward our particular school district? What about fire and safety or snow removal and road maintenance?

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After all, property owners in Silver Spur and Heritage Park have to pay additional association dues just to cover the cost of snow removal each winter (Steamboat II roads are maintained by the county).

Will this new tax revenue benefit Steamboat II Metro District? Or will these new tax dollars be spent in Hayden or South Routt?

Long term, I am interested in ensuring our schools can accommodate the baby boom of the past five years. Our public schools are great now, but can they maintain this standard as our enrollment grows rapidly in the next decade?

I want to ensure that our roads, public transit, utilities and safety needs are being handled properly. I’d even like to see the continuation of the Yampa Core Trail as far west as Steamboat II.

We all must continue to ensure that tax dollars paid directly benefit those who pay them.

Joe Cashen
Steamboat Springs