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Joan Remy

I want express how much I enjoy Autumn Phillips’ articles — every single one of them. She is a very unique, intelligent writer — an artist who writes with vibrant colors and a rhythm that stirs the soul.

Regarding the article, “Changing the Subject” (Friday, April 2), ditto, except I will not go to see “The Passion of The Christ,” by Mel Gibson. Being brought up in a religion, it was branded in my mind and soul about the crucifixion and life of Jesus. Being an eternal seeker of truth and awareness, I decided to venture into my own spiritual path at a young age.

I honor the light and miracles Jesus brought to this planet, and I respect all religions if the devotees walk their talk with kindness, respect and unconditional love. However, I choose to put my attention on what Jesus came here to do and what he accomplished, not images of his torture and death.

Also, I feel there were (and are) many men throughout history who obscurely blended within society, performing miracles every day.

The bloodshed occurring in the Middle East and in other parts of the world by so-called religious freedom fighters is the continuing sage of religious/political war on this planet. Many soldiers are being crucified and civilians are suffering and dying every day.

For what purpose, to what end? Is watching another movie about Jesus being beaten, whipped and nailed to the cross, creating peace in the hearts of man? Or, do bloody, violent scenes make them feel guilty and filled with sorrow so they will repent their sins, confess their crimes and become born again? It makes me wonder.

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Joan Remy

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