Joan Remy: Dogs should be kept away from loud concerts |

Joan Remy: Dogs should be kept away from loud concerts

A loud concert can be up to and over 120 decibels. Sounds above 85 decibels can be harmful and/or uncomfortable to humans. Imagine what it is like for your dog who is much more sensitive to sound.

Even if your dog is deaf, the vibration and boom from the speakers and enormous crowd will affect them. I can feel the sound of the vibrational boom in my body and usually stay a short period of time near the stage to view the entertainment, then go away from the stage where it is comfortable for me.

Many long-time musicians have hearing loss. If you bring your dog to a concert and are near enough to the stage, this sweet dog is definitely uncomfortable, besides having to deal with a huge crowd. I have seen dogs at concerts with obvious stress.  Am I going to walk up to the owners and have a confrontation? No. But they will get the “eye.”

You could put doggie protective earphones over their ears to assist if you must bring them to the concerts with you. I have seen parents with babies and very young children put protection over their ears.

What is wrong with this picture. Those putting on the loud, free concerts should not allow dogs or any animals into the concert area but they always do, because it is free?

If people arrive with dogs turn them away and ask them to come back without their dogs. Why don’t you?  Obviously, you are not instructed to enforce such an important detail.

I feel more attention and stricter rules need to be applied for every outdoor, free concert regarding no animals allowed into the concert.

Also, why do people bring babies and young children to loud concerts? They are also very sensitive to sound. I love animals and most children. However, sometimes it’s wonderful not to hear them screaming and running around at the concerts, as you bob-and-weave trying not to step on them or trip over them, especially at Howelsen.

Some children at concerts stay with their parents and don’t run around willy-nilly, but some are set free. Besides being exposed to high decibels, they are also being exposed to people drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, weed, pot or whatever you decide it should be called at this time.

I am not against either as long as the individuals are respectful and conscious of others around their space. The police do a great job of watching people at concerts who are out of control, no matter what they are taking or not.

Innocence should be protected.

Joan Remy

Steamboat Springs

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