Joan Remy: Bicycle town, not |

Joan Remy: Bicycle town, not

Regarding the letter to the editor, “Incentive proposal to reduce traffic,” in the Wednesday, July 11 issue of Steamboat Pilot & Today, wherein the writer suggests a possible solution to traffic congestion in Steamboat where the City pays $3,000 each to 3,000 people to leave their cars at home between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which would amount to $90,000 (the amount would actually be $9 million).

Yes, let’s police people a bit more and put thousands more bicycles on the roads in Steamboat. Oy vey! That is more scary. Sorry, but not everyone in Steamboat cares about bicycling or that Steamboat be called “Bike Town USA.” People get exercise biking, walking, hiking, going to gyms or combinations of various exercise disciplines. 

I don’t feel it is convenient for most parents with children to bicycle everywhere. An occasional jaunt with the family on bicycles when everyone can come together to ride on a beautiful day and leave the car home, wonderful. I would think the hectic, day-to-day activities and chores of raising a family just doesn’t make sense using a bicycle as transportation for an extended period of time. 

What changes could plumbers, electricians, painters and carpenters that have all of their trucks filled with tools and materials do to reduce their driving? Absolutely nothing, nor should they. 

In a perfect world, the city could request that people not use their cars every day between certain dates to assist with the traffic congestion, and citizens would magically comply with no hesitation and not get paid. Not going to happen. I feel $90,000 could be better spent in other ways than bribing people to leave their cars at home. 

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I have observed while driving or walking that a good amount of people on bicycles act as if they are above the driving laws, and I never see them getting pulled over by the police. They should abide by the same rules as motorized vehicles.  

Number one, stop at a stop sign. Many do not, and just sail on through. Many times throughout the years, I have put on the brakes nearly missing a bicycle rider that was oblivious to lights and stop signs, both children and adults. However, there are many responsible, great bicycle riders in Steamboat Springs who work with car traffic appropriately.  

As we are all aware, the resident population will continue to grow every year. As more activities are planned each year by the city to boost Steamboat’s economy, a multitude of tourists and seasonal residents will arrive at various times throughout the year.  

I would love to see separate trails for bikers and separate trails for hikers and people that just want to run, walk fast or slow without bicyclists zooming around them, especially on the Yampa River Core Trail and the Spring Creek Trail while walking to the pond where their dogs can swim. 

I know the writer is just trying to open the door for people to think about alternatives to the annoying traffic situation in Steamboat.  Many of us get frustrated by rude drivers, drivers on cell phones not paying attention, and the amount of cars on the road at certain times. 

I am going to keep moving forward and find joy in each moment, laugh until it hurts, be kind as possible, dance in the moonlight and get the heck out of Steamboat if it just doesn’t work anymore for my experience.

Joan Remy

Steamboat Springs

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