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Jim Zulevich: It’s wolf introduction, not reintroduction

Dear Editor,

The term reintroduction of the wolf into Colorado might very well be incorrect. I haven’t read any studies citing the Alaskan grey wolf is the same species, genetically, as the wolf that pre-existed in Colorado. Thus, the wolf introduction into Colorado could be another introduction of a non-native species into the Colorado ecosystem, with all the potential side effects.

Wolf introduction into Colorado is an emotionally and romantically charged issue. It would be good if the modern human animal took time to consider the unintentional and unforeseeable consequences of this introduction. It would be even better if the modern human would let the natural migration of the wolf take place at a pace that nature balances, and not once again interfere with that process.

One positive aspect of the wolf migrating into Northwest Colorado, it might help with the wild horse over population problem.


Jim Zulevich
Steamboat Springs

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