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Jim Boyne: Thank you Steamboat

Dear community of Steamboat Springs,

We did it again … together. The 104th Winter Carnival was a fantastic success.

On behalf of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, we humbly thank all of you who made Winter Carnival a fun-filled, magical celebration of our western and snow sports heritage. We are thrilled to continue to organize Winter Carnival and appreciate all of you who join us to make it happen.

I was once again blown away by the collaboration and effort of my colleagues at the SSWSC and the community, who come together with great pride and effort to make Winter Carnival special for all to experience.

As I become more rooted in this wonderful town, the generosity of many who donate time, money and their unique talents to Winter Carnival no longer surprises me. In my relatively short time in Steamboat, I have come to understand that this attitude permeates our town and is part of the fabric of our community.

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The people of this town come together when it matters. Through tragedy and triumph, our community is there to support, comfort or celebrate. I have seen it happen routinely and I have experienced it personally. Our collective achievement of putting on the 104th Winter Carnival is a shining example of our impactful work together.

This year's Winter Carnival theme, "Take Me to the Mountains," unites us all in how blessed we are to live in the mountains. To me, this theme is specific and means "Take Me to Steamboat.”

While Winter Carnival honors and celebrates our long-standing traditions and our rich and wonderful history and heritage, more importantly, it continues to show all of us the strong will that this community has and reflects how much people in this town care for each other and come together to make special things happen.

Our Winter Carnival is uniquely special in this world. I overheard spectators many times this weekend say "how wonderful it must be to be a kid during Winter Carnival." Upon reflection, I thought to myself "how wonderful it is to feel like a kid during Winter Carnival."

Look no further than the parents at the S'more Family Fun night tearing it up on the dance floor with their kids, or the enthusiastic locals blowing off fireworks along the way during the Roman Candle Dance, or the fiery hoop daredevils, the crazy shovel racers during Street Events, or the smiles on the faces of the horse riders as they fly down our snow covered main street.

I can only imagine the smiles on the faces of Tim Borden and his crew somewhere up on Emerald Mountain as they continue to entertain us and make history with their spectacular and freakishly large fireworks. Indeed it is great to be a "kid" of any age, smiling and laughing or looking on with excitement and wonder during Winter Carnival.

For all who were actively involved in the planning and execution of all facets of Winter Carnival, including our incredible SSWSC staff and volunteers, our generous support partners, the horse riders and the terrific staff of the Steamboat Chamber, please know your value; you are all amazing.

For all of you who actively participated in any or all of Winter Carnival's events, thank you for allowing Winter Carnival to "Take You to the Mountains,” capturing your hearts and minds as you put the exclamation point on Winter Carnival, a celebration of all that is good in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Cheers to the completion and enjoyment of our annual celebration, and once again, to Ski Town USA.

With great admiration,

Jim Boyne

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club executive director