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Jim Balthaser: Parking lot etiquette lacking

I’ve noticed with interest recent letters to the editor praising Steamboaters for their friendliness and willingness to give a helping hand. I concur, but I’ve also noted another characteristic — inconsideration bordering on obliviousness in parking lots.

I used to think Salt Lake City was the worst place to get dings from people opening their car doors into yours, but Steamboat wins hands down. We live here in the summer, and every winter, I have at least one ding worthy of a trip to Dent Busters.

I recently got the mother of all parking lot dings — 3 inches long. That takes Steamboat talent. People probably don’t realize that their carelessness will cost some 2 to 3 hours of someone else’s time sitting at the body shop and $200 to $300 to make the car look nice again.

I believe in personal freedom. If someone wants to drive a junker, fine, but others may like to maintain their possessions. That right also should be honored.  Something to think about.

Jim Balthaser

Steamboat Springs


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