Jessica Miller: What will it take for the shootings to stop? |

Jessica Miller: What will it take for the shootings to stop?

We ask for common sense gun legislation. You say, "They will take our guns if we let them pass this law!"

Nothing happens. Then, a mass shooting occurs. The response is so predictable you would not be able to tell the difference between the coverage of these shootings. Someone wrote a script that we all seem to follow blindly. Then the chaos calms, and another shooting occurs.

We ask again for common sense gun legislation. You say, "Criminals will still find a way to get guns!" Well, of course they will. But you, and the politicians you voted for, somehow sleep soundly every night knowing you’re not going to lift a finger to stop all this death and destruction. If these laws could save just one person, they would have spared so much pain.

Unfortunately, the bodies are piling up and no one who can do something about it will do something about it. Another mass shooting occurs.

We ask again, with tears in ours eyes and fear in our hearts, for gun legislation. You say, "It’s too soon. We give our thoughts and prayers."

Too soon? Too soon to ignore the blood on the hands of the politicians who stood idly by while their constituents are gunned down to a pulp? Too soon to ignore the real cause of these innocent lives taken from us?

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You watch the news, and they are begging us to talk about it. Children in their school library who watched their friends die are asking YOU, the adults, the people who have even an iota of power, to save them from more carnage. They’re asking for you to stop sending thoughts and prayers because thoughts and prayers don’t shield you from a spray of bullets. It seems simple, but the conversation always gets switched around and jumbled, and we’re all yelling over one another. Then another mass shooting occurs.

And it defies all understanding. We are living in a sick disgusting version of Groundhog Day, doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again, cursed to a life where children dying in their schools and friends being gunned down while listening to music and families being ripped apart by suicide is all just to be expected.

It’s become so normal, and I want to remind you that nothing about any of this is normal. This is a sickening tragedy, a public health problem, one that we have the resources and voting power to stop.

But you have to stand up and say no more. This cannot continue. These victims just as easily could have been your wife, your child, your father, mother, your best friend. You owe it to the people who care about you to stop phoning it in. This is literally life or death. What will it take for us to learn?

Jessica Miller

Steamboat Springs