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Jerry Rudolph

A longtime, highly successful Republican friend of mine wrote in early 2002 that the present administration is not representative of true Republican principles; they have their own agenda. That has been proven to be all too true.

Just one aspect of that appeared in a letter to the editor in February written by Henri Stetter and titled, “War was a Crime.” Yes, it was a crime made possible by misleading the American people, misleading Congress and misleading the nations of the world.

The real reason the United States went to war was to spread its dominance or hegemony over as many countries of the world as possible in order to become more powerful, to subvert our democracy and to make more money.

There are immense amounts of money to be made for the well-connected. George W. Bush and his family have profited greatly and are continuing to do so. Dick Cheney is not poor. The CEOs and their top-level managers are reaping huge rewards through their corporate ties with the Bush administration. Of course, a small part of what they earn is donated for Bush’s 2004 election campaign. I do support and respect our troops, but I do not respect many of our big corporations nor the Bush administration.

Yes, Bush’s actions are criminal. He is robbing the poor and the middle class to give to the rich. He has withheld part of the money from the public schools in every state. His “No Child Left Behind Act” is a joke, and so is his secretary of education, Rod Paige.

If you want to understand why states, cities, counties and towns have so little money to operate on and have to trim/slash their budgets and cut out needed programs, just look at the records of the Bush administration. His actions and the actions of the administration have deprived many poor children and others in need of health care.

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We must also look at what has been happening to our environment, our public lands, our water and air. The Bush administration has succeeded in creating far more members for al-Qaida than existed before.

We need to stop the militarization of space, to spend much less on defense and more on developing our own infrastructure. We need to try to avoid wars rather than start them. We need to ban land mines and cluster bombs. We need to participate in the International Criminal Court. We need to help people in Third World countries, especially children, by providing more food, clean water, greatly improved sanitation facilities and more medicines to fight such diseases as smallpox, polio, tuberculosis, malaria, measles and AIDS.

Jerry Rudolph

Steamboat Springs