Jeff Peters: Erroneous letter |

Jeff Peters: Erroneous letter

Regarding the erroneously titled letter to the editor ” Bipartisan Representation” submitted by Dave Moloney.

Mr. Moloney’s letter was nothing more than an attempt to besmirch Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush with a list of Republican talking points. That Mr. Moloney dragged out the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) and their rating system by announcing that CUT gave her a 9.8 rating speaks volumes. Especially when one considers that the Colorado Union of Taxpayers is anything but bipartisan. 

I researched the Colorado Union of Taxpayers and discovered that the people who have signed the CUT pledge (uphold TABOR, privatize everything, voucher system for education, no new taxes, etc.) reads like a list of every Republican who has held, is holding or who is seeking to hold political office in Colorado. That would explain why CUT’s rating system gives the 15 Republican Senate members (11 of whom have signed CUT’s pledge) an average 78.558 rating while the 20 Democratic members (none of whom are pledged to CUT) received an average rating of 5.644.

With regard to the Colorado House members, the 28 Republican members average CUT score was 80.038 while the 37 Democrat House members average CUT score was 2.48. Additionally, both the Senate and the House ratings lists provided by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers are titled “Friend or Foe.” Can’t get much more partisan than that. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers is definitely not a bipartisan organization, and Mr. Mahoney should be ashamed to trying to pass it off as one.

Also of interest is the fact that the Colorado Union of Taxpayers chooses to include the word “Union” in the name of the organization. A strange choice of words when one considers that the Colorado Union of Taxpayers is against unions. Proof of that is SB-025 Collective Bargaining for Firefighters. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers states “CUT believes that there should be no place for unions in the public sector.” So, they’re against unions but they choose to call themselves a union.

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers with its long and impressive list of pledge signers reads like a Who’s Who of Colorado Republicans and sounds like something out of a playbook written by Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers or Karl Rove.

Perhaps Mr. Moloney doesn’t like Ms. Bush’s politics because she received a 100 percent rating from the Women’s Lobby of Colorado, an 89 percent rating from the ACLU and a 70 percent rating from Planned Parenthood — oganizations that try to help people, especially women.

Or perhaps, he doesn’t like her because she is a Democrat and dares to vote for the well-being of the people and against the tenets of the Republican Party. Fine. That’s his privilege. However, if that’s the case, Mr. Moloney should just be truthful and say so rather than write a letter filled with innuendo and misleading statements.

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