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Janet Lydick: Is Steamboat losing its identity?

Is Steamboat Springs going to be charmless? Is it losing its identity as a beautiful mountain town?

My opinion doesn’t particularly matter, but there is no question Steamboat lacks the vision of a sustainable environment — an environment with housing, workplaces, civic facilities, shops and other necessities of a community that are architecturally pleasing and functional.

Steamboat has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — respect the land and its natural habitat while building a beautiful community where nature and humans live. The consequences of a poorly planned community last for decades and sometimes can never be undone.

I advocate we revisit our planning and development with the eyes of professional consultants. Steamboat, we need a guide to help develop a future community concept with our architects, planners and civic leaders.

Janet Lydick

Steamboat Springs

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