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Jan Vail: Classical returns

— Beethoven is back! Along with the New York Philharmonic, Saturday Opera, Classical Guitar Alive, and St. Paul Sunday. If you’ve missed your favorite announcers and classical music programs on WWFM at 91.1, you were not alone. The West Slope FM Board shared your frustration and is pleased to let you know that the wait is over.

For 12 years, Routt County has received superb classical music from Mercer Community College in New Jersey via our satellite dish atop Mount Werner. Last December, the WWFM engineer changed satellites in order to improve transmission. What looked like a great idea at sea level in New Jersey was not so great in record-breaking snowfall at 10,000 feet in Colorado. Unable to get to the satellite dish, we were without classical music for several months. The spring thaw still didn’t bring relief, because our equipment was unable to locate the new satellite. We tried receiving WWFM via a computer on Mount Werner, but the reception was poor and the computer frequently had to be rebooted.

On Sept. 16, with the help of Pat Arnone of Pearson Communications, we successfully locked on to a new signal and are now broadcasting in stereo with a stronger signal and clearer reception.

If you are happy with what you hear and would like to support our effort to continue to bring WWFM to Routt County, please contact Lynn Abbott at lynn_abbott@springsips.com or 870-6673 and leave your phone number and mailing address. We will contact you for our fund drive next spring.

Meanwhile, tune in to 91.1 on your FM dial, sit back, and enjoy the clear and full sound of classical music.

Jan Vail

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Secretary, West Slope FM Board of Directors