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Jammie Sabin: Cory Gardner does not deserve anyone’s vote

This week while responding to reporters, Cory Gardner, our Senator, proved he is not worthy of anyone’s vote. Please go online and type in “Cory Gardner refuses to answer Trump question 5 times.” There are multiple sources.

Reporters asked Cory a simple factual yes or no question: “Do you believe that the president of the United States should ask a foreign leader (country) to interfere in a U.S. election?” President Trump’s public statements causing these questions can also be found online.

Sen. Gardner refused to answer the question five times instead of taking a stand and making an argument for his belief. He gave various hypocritical political double-speak answers.

I think everyone can agree that we live in very divided times, and both sides are giving very political partisan answers. However, we have a larger problem in our government than hyper-partisan politics. We have politicians not willing to debate or even speak to factual statements in an effort to maintain their own hold on power.  

Citizenship in our country does not come with many duties for the benefits most of us see. Voting is one of our solemn duties as citizens of this republic. We must vote as if our vote is our promise, our word to our fellow citizens. Before we vote for our political views, we must first ensure our vote goes to someone with the moral character to accept factual statements and stand up for their beliefs.

Our democratic system breaks down when our representatives are not willing to debate facts. As a citizen of this country, you should always vote. 

If the two major parties don’t have a representative that meets your standards, then vote for a third party. This country needs more points of view and more ideas than the two major parties are providing. 

Sen. Gardner has proven one thing — he does not deserve anyone’s vote because he will not answer factual questions. Instead, he says who he is against and who he says you should blame.

Sen. Gardner is not the only representative responsible for the current breakdown of government; he is just a prime example. Please do not sully your name and our democratic representative system of government by voting for Cory Gardner or any of his ilk — right, left or center. 

Jammie Sabin

Routt Country

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