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James DeFrancia: Letter writer lacks knowledge of Russia

Paul Wellman, in his letter published July 25 in the Steamboat Pilot & Today, shows a serious lack of knowledge as to the history of his Russian “friends” and his seeming defense of their interventions in our affairs.

For openers, Russia was an ally of the Nazis until Hitler turned on Stalin by invading. Then the Russians decided an alliance with the West was prudently self-serving. Prior to that, Russian invasion of Poland was the order of the day.

After WWII, the Russians occupied and fully controlled all of Eastern Europe in a dictatorial structure. Uprisings in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere evidence their stranglehold and oppression.

Our position after WWII was to oppose this Russian, communist aggression and oppression for the benefit of all Western democracies, not to protect some “American hegemony.”

And as for their clear interference in our democratic processes, we have 16 U.S. Intelligence agencies that confirm it, so why Mr. Wellman favors some obscure website to refute those agencies is a mystery. Some people do not like facts that run counter to their beliefs, like the current occupant of the White House as example.

And with regard to the latter, Mr. Wellman says the White House Huckster is “doing amazing things” with Russia and North Korea. My simple question is: what, exactly, has he done? Nothing that I can ascertain, except to kow-tow to autocrats.

Our terrific library in Steamboat is not so far from Clark, Mr. Wellman, so I recommend some reading.

James DeFrancia

Steamboat Springs

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