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Jack Huston: Father, son, daughter

I watched a TV show in which a brother shared how his brother, a doctor, held his 7-year-old daughter who had been killed in a car wreck. She died instantly. The father shared with his brother how he could not blame God for her death, because God lost his only son, too. Now get this. Whereas the father had no power to prevent his daughter’s death, God had every power to prevent his son’s death. Whereas the daughter had no power to prevent her death, the son had every power to prevent his death (John 10:17-18). Our father was with his son all the time and had every opportunity to prevent his death. That father was at work when his daughter died in that car wreck and could do nothing to prevent it. The son had opportunity to prevent his death but did not use it because he knew his father’s will and love to save all of us sinners (Luke 22:42).

Now trade the places of these loving parents and you can really see the love. Take that father and put him in the moments leading up to that car wreck and give him our heavenly father’s power. Give him the foresight to see that his daughter was going to die so he could tell her to stay home that day or take a different road. Give the daughter the knowledge that she would die in that car wreck. Give her the power to avoid it by not getting in the car or delaying the trip a few hours. Now here is love, true love and hope for all of us who have sinned and stumbled and fell. Show that father that if he saves his daughter, she will be fine but everyone else will die and not know the love of her father.

That is our father’s love. He knew his beloved son was going to die, but he knew he would lose everyone else if he didn’t let him die (Isaiah 53).

The son also knew he could change his mind and not go to his death, but he also knew that if he did not die for us, we would never know our father’s love. Imagine how strong his love must be to stand by, do nothing and watch his only son die, even when we did not believe.

There you have it. Jesus Christ knowingly went to his car wreck to die for us so we could be with his loving father. Our father knowingly stood by and let his son die in that car wreck so that we could be with him. The daughter who died is with the son that died, too.

The father that lost a daughter is with our father because he saw his beloved die, too. You might doubt and think that no father would be put in that position, but that did happen to Abraham and Isaac. Our father saw Abraham’s faith and provided a substitute for his only son (Genesis 22).

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