Island in the snow |

Island in the snow

Djate brings tropical sounds to Steamboat

Allison Plean

Djate and The Rockers will be performing tonight and Saturday at the Tugboat Grill & Pub. Djate, who is a Steamboat Springs resident, said the band will rock out and rock 'n' roll.

Djate has learned over the years that the music industry isn’t always conducive to bass players.

“I’m on my fifth bass player in almost seven years,” said Djate, a Steamboat Springs resident and singer and guitarist for Djate and The Rockers. “And I’ll have another bass player for this show because my regular guy is married and has the do the Christmas thing.”

Djate describes the four-piece band’s sound as neo-vibrations.

“That’s where I’m heading,” he said. “I try to make it a little bit different than just the reggae thing.”

The band’s performance will be a mix of original and cover songs.

“We like to rock out and rock ‘n’ roll,” Djate said. “Sometimes we blast out some Jimi Hendrix. Well, not really – but we play Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower.’ It’s America, you know – they love their rock ‘n’ roll.”

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Djate left his birthplace of the West Indian Island of Dominica for the United States to pursue a career as a musician.

“Music is in my blood and what I do. Nothing excites me more than music,” he said. “And it has taken me here and there and everywhere.”

Djate has played in bands from Houston to New York and Florida to Chicago.

“We kind of stayed in Colorado this year because of gas prices,” he said. “Colorado is my favorite state. There is no place like Colorado, because no matter where you are, everybody is enjoying life and is courteous.”

Djate’s lyrics center around the messages of love and peace.

“Not love of self or flesh, but love which is God – the essential being within us,” he said. “Love is the key to a lot of things that happen in the world. Without love there is no peace.”

There are two things Djate thinks mankind should eliminate from their aura to make the world a better place.

“Ego and the mind,” he said. “Those are the little things that really complicates things. Ego takes you to places you really don’t want to go, and the mind confuses you and corrupts us.”

Djate is excited to bring island music to the Tugboat Grill & Pub during the holiday season.

“It should be a festive time because of Christmas weekend and a lot of people are in town skiing and snowboarding,” he said. “People can come and have a nice time with the sound of music and winter, and can then go and make their turns the next morning.”