Iron Horse remains under city’s management |

Iron Horse remains under city’s management

Kristi Mohrbacher

— The city of Steamboat Springs will continue to manage the Iron Horse Inn throughout the summer instead of turning it over to a private management company June 1, as was planned.

The city purchased the Iron Horse last year to try to guarantee availability of affordable housing for city employees. The city sought private-sector partnerships for the management of the inn and decided upon a proposal submitted by Resort Group to use the Iron Horse for workforce housing only.

Resort Group’s start date has been pushed back because “Resort Group felt they did not have time to gear up for the high summer demand,” Wendy DuBord, deputy city manager, said Tuesday.

In the meantime, she says the Iron Horse will continue to be run by the city.

“We still have obligations and contracts at the Iron Horse, so it makes sense to push the date back,” City Manager Alan Lanning said. The city leases 11 of the 52 rooms for its employees, and DuBord said that at any given time, the city estimates it will need 10 to 20 of the units.

Any leftover units will be master leased by Resort Group.

The exact details of the contract still are tentative, but a few things have been defined, DuBord said.

LIFT-UP of Routt County, a local nonprofit organization that provides food, clothing, support and monetary assistance to people in need, will lease one unit for a six-month period at the Iron Horse effective July 1.

David Freseman, executive director for LIFT-UP, said, “We have not decided exactly how we will use the unit,” but he mentioned it will support their services within the community.

The city will charge approximately $900 a month for rent, DuBord said.

The Steamboat Springs City Council approved two Iron Horse lease forms at its meeting Tuesday – one for city employees, contingent upon employment, and one for non-city employees.

There are no large renovations planned for the Iron Horse, though minor repairs and updates have occurred.

“About 80 percent of the units have been renovated with things like new kitchen cabinets and air conditioners, and the 20 percent that are left will hopefully be done in the next few months,” DuBord said. She also mentioned the city plans to repair the roof in upcoming months.

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