Ira Dubinsky: Bravo, orchestra |

Ira Dubinsky: Bravo, orchestra

The Steamboat Springs Orchestra presented its annual Christmas Concert the weekend before last with a Friday performance in Craig and Saturday and Sunday performances in Steamboat. A very important reason why the attendance at these three concerts was the largest in the history of the orchestra was the beautiful Saint-Saens cello concerto, played so magnificently by John Sant’Ambrogio.

The audiences, obviously enthralled, rose after each performance to thank John with enthusiastic standing ovations. Never before in the history of the orchestra have performances of this caliber – indeed truly virtuoso – been presented here.

John is no stranger to Steamboat Springs. He began coming here in the summer more than 20 years ago. About three years ago, after retiring from the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra – for which he was the principal cellist for several decades – John moved here to become a full-time resident.

Since his arrival, he has been tireless in his promotion of the arts. In addition to playing in the orchestra, he has become a teacher and mentor to many of the musicians in it, as well as a teacher and coach in the orchestra’s youth program.

John’s efforts, along with those of conductor Ernest Richardson, have advanced the orchestra to the point where it has now become a professional organization, quite an accomplishment for a town of this size.

On behalf of the Steamboat Springs Orchestra, both its musicians and board of directors, I would like to thank John Sant’Ambrogio for his many contributions. All who love or enjoy the arts are fortunate that he is now here among us.

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Ira Dubinsky

President, Steamboat Springs Orchestra