Reminder for bird hunters to register

September 1 was the opening day for hunting doves, blue grouse, mountain sharp-tailed grouse, chukar, rail, sora, snipe, crow and band-tailed pigeon in Colorado.

Colorado hunters planning to take part in this year’s bird seasons are reminded that they must have a 2001 small game hunting license and a current “Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration number” to legally hunt.

All HIP registrations expire in the spring of each year. Those who registered last fall must re-register for the 2001-2002 hunting seasons.

Hunters can obtain a current HIP number by registering over the Internet or by calling 1-800-WETLAND or at

Elk hunt expected to be productive

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Colorado Division of Wildlife officials expect a successful elk hunt this year, particularly in the northwest portion of the state.

“Elk are doing well,” said John Ellenberger, big game coordinator for the DOW. “They are almost doing too well. We are over herd objectives in about three quarters of our elk herds across the state.”

There are still 260,000 elk in Colorado. The objective for the state is 180,000 elk. Ellenberger said hunters who pursue antlerless elk are an important tool when it comes to managing herd numbers.

In the northwest, a relatively mild winter has ensured that there will be plenty of both deer and elk.

The Meeker and Craig areas were particularly good for bull hunting in 2000 with an unprecedented 40 percent success rate on bulls in the fourth rifle season.

Park roads, trail closures scheduled

The U.S. Forest Service has announced numerous closures in the Park Ranger District of the Routt National Forest.

Forest Development Road (FDR) 615, north of Teal Lake Campground, will be closed from Sept. 17 to Oct. 2 to stabilize a stream channel.

The Onion Park Road (FDR 348 and FDR 609), east of Bid Creek Lakes, is temporally blocked by a beaver dam.

A portion of the Snyder Creek Trail System will be closed, too, for big game security this fall and winter. The portion closed for big game security is east of Highway 125 and south of Forest Road 106.

Also, in the next few weeks, the Forest Service will shut the water off for the winter at the following camp sites: Big Creek Lakes, Hidden Lakes, Grizzly Creek, Teal Lake, Aspen and Pine.

For more information, call the Park Ranger District at (970) 723-8402.