Hunt of the Week: Kate Cooper |

Hunt of the Week: Kate Cooper

Kate Cooper kneels with the bull elk she brought down on the morning of Oct. 13. Cooper used a 257 Roberts to shoot the elk from about 250 yards.

Age: 13

Occupation: SSMS student

Years hunting: 5

Guide/outfitter name: my dad

Weapon used: 257 Roberts

Distance out: 250 yards

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Time and date: Early morning, October 13

Area: Private Land Area 24

Hunt details: We got up to the blind around 5 a.m., and right away heard the elk talking. I started calling back, and we heard the elk walking through the woods. I called for about 2 hours using a bugle and cow call, and just as the sun started to come up, the elk stopped calling back. For a few minutes we didn’t hear anything, then suddenly a huge 5×5 bull ran out of the woods with his herd of about 20 cows. My dad measured the distance with a range finder and told me the bull was 250 yards away. He always tells me to take the shot when you have one. I took my glove off and loaded my gun as silently as I could. I shot twice, and nothing happened. I reloaded, and on the third shot he fell! It was hard to get him out because he fell in the middle of a swamp, and we joked that next time we should wait for the elk to be closer to the truck.