Hunt of the Week for Oct. 21 |

Hunt of the Week for Oct. 21

Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis with the bull elk she shot in northeast Utah.

Amanda Ellis

Age: 31

Occupation: School teacher/mom

Years hunting: I started hunting when I met my husband eight years ago.

Guide/outfitter name: My husband, Miles

Club measurement: No official measurement taken, my guess is 310-320, Boone and Crockett Club

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Weapon used: .270 Winchester Short Magnum, ammo was Winchester Supreme Elite, 150 grain

Distance out: 250 yards

Time and date: 5 p.m. Oct. 5

Area: Three Corners Unit, northeast Utah, public land three miles north of the Green River

Hunt details: The first morning we hunted, we found a herd with a bigger bull than the one I ended up shooting. But I didn’t want to take that elk and have my hunt end so soon. My parents were babysitting our two-year-old son, and I was enjoying the much-needed break. We spent the next several days hunting hard but didn’t see many good bulls, and I began to grow worried that I made a big mistake not taking the one I passed up.

We decided to try a new spot. It was raining hard when we arrived at the new area, so we dressed accordingly and headed out. Looking over a cliff band, down into an old burn scar, we spotted several elk. Taking a closer look, we spotted several bulls. We had to pick our way down the steep slope through the rocks and cliffs. The rain helped cover our approach.

I was able to get on the same contour as the herd. There were five bulls in the group. I took my time and waited for the biggest bull to turn broadside and took him. My first shot hit him in the heart, but he took a few steps, fell down, rolled down the hill and popped back up again, so I put a second shot in his heart/lungs and he dropped for good.

We packed the elk out the next day with several inches of new snow on the ground. I got a European mount at Bullseye Taxidermy in Craig and they did a great job. It was an awesome hunt!