How did Routt County vote? |

How did Routt County vote?

Unofficial 2016 election results

National races

Routt County voters supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Clinton received 7,558 votes to Trump’s 5,201.

In the race for U.S. Senate, Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet received 7,747 votes and Republican challenger Darryl Glenn earned 5,238. Bennet claimed the statewide race.

The three-way race for representative for Congressional District 3 saw Republican Scott Tipton receive 5,731 votes in Routt County compared to Democratic challenger Gail Schwartz, who earned the win in Routt County with 7,315 votes, and Libertarian Gaylon Kent, of Hayden, who received 607 local votes. Tipton was the statewide level.

Routt County races

Incumbent Democrat Tim Corrigan won re-election to the county commissioner seat in District 1, earning 7,187 votes to Republican challenger Bob Dapper’s 6,129.

County Commissioner Doug Monger in District 2, a Democrat, ran unopposed and earned 9,133 votes. Republican Brett Barkey also ran unopposed for re-election to district attorney in the 14th Judicial District. He claimed 7,788 votes.

State races

• State Board of Education Congressional District 3: Republican Joyce Rankin won 5,953 votes in Routt County, and Democrat Christine Pacheco-Koveleski earned 6,112 votes. Rankin won statewide.

• Regent of the University of Colorado – At Large: Democrat Alice Madden received 6,130 votes to Republican Heidi Ganahl’s 5,369. won statewide.

• State Senate District 8: Republican Randy Baumgardner, who won re-election, earned 6,261 votes in Routt County to Democrat Emily Tracy’s 6,883.

• State Representative District 26: Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush easily won re-election with 8,173 votes in Routt County to Republican Michael Cacioppo’s 5,114.

Ballot measures

• Amendment T (FAILED): Concerning the removal of the exception to the prohibition of slavery and involuntary servitude when used as punishment for persons duly convicted of a crime?

In Routt County 6,592 voted against the measure and 6,062 voted for it.

• Amendment U (FAILED): Exempts possessory interests worth less than $6,000 from taxes.

In Routt County 6,888 voted against the measure and 5,415 voted for it.

• Amendment 69 (FAILED): Creates “ColoradoCare” system to provide universal healthcare to Colorado residents via increased taxes.

Routt County rejected the measure with 10,145 voting against it and 3,470 voting for it.

• Amendment 70 (FAILED): Raises the minimum wage

Routt County voted in favor of the measure with 8,630 voting for it and 5,258 voting against it.

• Amendment 71 (PASSED): Enacts stricter signature and vote requirements for state constitutional amendments.

Routt County voted to adopt the measure with 7,814 voting in favor of it and 5,287 voting against it.

• Amendment 72 (FAILED): Increases tobacco taxes, with money going to various health programs.

Routt County voted in favor of the measure with 7,959 voting for it and 5,824 voting against it.

• Proposition 106 (PASSED): Allows terminally ill patients to end their lives with the assistance of a doctor.

Routt County voted in favor of the measure with 10,574 voting in favor of it and 3,112 voting against it.

• Proposition 107 (PASSED): Creates an open presidential primary in Colorado, held before the end of March.

Routt County voted to adopt the measure with 9,407 voting for it and 3,763 voting against it.

• Proposition 108 (FAILED): Allows unaffiliated voters to vote in a party’s primary without registering with that party.

Routt County voted in favor of the measure with 7,692 voting for it and 5,147 voting against it.

Local ballot issues:

• Referendum 1A: Routt County pot excise tax — 8,428 “yes” votes; 5,121 “no” votes.

• Referendum 3C: Steamboat Springs School District mill levy for full-day kindergarten — 5,429 “yes” votes; 5,050 “no” votes.

• Referendum 2A: Town of Hayden bond issue to support street improvements — 617 “no” votes; 279 “yes” votes.

• Referendum 2B: Town of Hayden mill levy increase — 659 “no” votes; 229 “yes” votes.

• Referendum 2C: Town of Hayden sales tax increase — 544 “no” votes; 358 “yes” votes.

• Referendum 3D: Hayden School District tax increase for school buses — 798 “yes” votes; 616 “no” votes.

• Referendum 5B: Tree Haus metropolitan district debt hike for roads — 51 “yes” votes; 28 “no” votes.

• Referendum 5A: South Routt Medical Center mill levy increase — 1,019 “yes” votes; 679 “no” votes.

Local races:

• Hayden mayor: James M. Haskins, 761 votes.

• Hayden Town Council (three openings): Ashley McMurray, 602 votes; Charles Forrest, 477; Richard P “Festus” Hagins, 394; and Brodie Farquhar, 371.

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