Houses go up in Dry Creek |

Houses go up in Dry Creek

Hayden subdivision developers offer discounts on lots

Blythe Terrell

The soon-to-be-completed connection of Routt County Road 37 to U.S. Highway 40 will create easier access to Dry Creek Village.

— The first two houses have gone vertical in Dry Creek Village, and the developers of the Hayden subdivision aim to draw more buyers with discounts.

There are 54 lots in the first phase, and the final plan calls for 150. The development is off Routt County Road 37 in southeastern Hayden. The opening of the C.R. 37 extension, Hawthorne Street, will create easier access from U.S. Highway 40 to the neighborhood.

The developers are handling infrastructure but are not building the homes.

Amy Williams, of Colorado Group Realty, espoused the virtues of the lots. Although some are adjacent to the road, most back up to open space, she said. Eight lots have sold, and the playground and soft-surface trails are in, Williams said.

“I think this is wonderful,” she said. “My kids could race out and run to the playground. I have essentially added 2 acres to my holding to have that open space and playground there.”

Lots cost $69,900 to $95,000, and developers are offering 10 percent off on lots that close before the end of the year.

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“That’s a big deal,” said Jon Peddie, who is developing the project with Jim Woods. “Because if you think about a bank lending you 70 or 80 percent, a 10 percent discount is a big number.”

Peddie billed Dry Creek as a good place for commuters and people who want to build their first home. The mortgage crisis has made sales a challenge, he said.

“There are some that are reserved,” Peddie said, “but as the world has slowed down, and with the difficulty of getting credit, we’ve had a few people that still want to buy, but they’ve been delayed.”

The location also puts Steamboat Springs commuters a few minutes closer to work, Williams said. Peddie noted that the project is affordable and involves no deed restrictions. Plus, it’s new, he said.

“You know that everything has been done to current codes and current standards and done right,” Peddie said. “All the roads, the sewer, the water and everything have been accepted by the city, and they’ve gone through all their warranty periods with no issues. And the views out there are just outstanding. They’re not mountain views like Steamboat, but they look out toward the valley.”

Williams pointed out that Dry Creek Village sometimes has been confused with Lake Village, a subdivision off Routt County Road 53 that is mired in legal and bankruptcy problems. Dry Creek is not affiliated with that project, she said.

Williams and Peddie were optimistic the project would attract future homeowners.

“We’re hopeful that Hayden, as with Steamboat, that the market will kind of rebound, and we’ll be OK,” Peddie said.