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Hopefuls wrap up election activities

Dana Strongin

— This weekend, people knocking on your door may be asking for something other than Halloween candy.

They might want your vote.

Election Day is Tuesday, and as the sun sets on the campaign season, City Council candidates have been working for votes.

You may have seen them: District 3 candidate Dick Curtis on Lincoln Avenue, waving his yard sign; at-large candidate Bud Romberg at the grocery store, handing out fliers; and others on your doorstep asking for support.

Several candidates said knocking on doors had been fun and informative.

“I’m doing a lot of listening and a lot of learning,” said District 3 candidate Kevin Kaminski. “There are a lot of things I’ve never even thought about.”

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Charles McConnell, a District 2 candidate, said he knocked on about 900 doors during his campaign.

“It was a super experience, not only for the newest guy in the race,” he said. “It was a good way to campaign, I thought. An excellent way to meet neighbors and people.”

McConnell’s campaigning has stopped, though, and he won’t be in town on Election Day. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be around; his daughter just gave birth to his fourth grandchild, and he’s helping out.

“I knocked on doors right till the last minute,” McConnell said.

Stuart Lynn, a candidate for the at-large seat, said he has been sticking to word-of-mouth advertising. He said he didn’t have the resources to campaign and post a lot of signs.

“When I realized exactly how much money was being spent, it brought out another whole aspect of this campaign for me,” he said. “I thought it would be smaller and a whole lot more personable.”

District 2 candidate Warren Harner has had a different experience. He said he’s kept his campaign family oriented, and teenagers have been helping.

“It’s really refreshing, with the energizing youth,” Harner said. “It’s been great that way, really upbeat. The reception I’ve had has been great.”

Harner said he planned to finish his campaign on Halloween by passing out candy downtown with his wife.

Steve Ivancie, who is running for District 1, planned to enjoy Halloween, too; he’ll be dressed as Uncle Sam.

“I am making a point of canvassing neighborhoods and talking to as many people as possible,” Ivancie said. “But I think people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.”

Nancy Kramer, who also is running for the District 1 seat, said she has been handing out fliers, but it seemed to her that a lot of people already had voted.

“A lot of people I talk to or hand a flier to said they early voted,” Kramer said. “I was at the post office the other day, and that was a common theme.”

Towny Anderson, who is running for the at-large seat, said he is putting all his effort into encouraging people to get to the polls.

“This is a really important election,” Anderson said. “It’s important for their voices to be heard.”

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