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Hester Vogel: Corners unsafe

Hester Vogel

— I am writing in response to Jack Horner’s unfortunate accident on Twentymile Road on July 9. I have lived out Twentymile Road for seven years and have never seen so many vehicles traveling at excessive rates of speed around corners as I have this year.

Most are heavy equipment (dump trucks, concrete mixers, etc.) and construction vehicles. Almost every day as I round a corner the vehicle approaching me is in my lane to some degree.

I have taken to driving very far to the right on corners as a result. The other day, I went to the right to avoid an unknown object (a paper bag?) in my lane. As I did, a white truck with construction workers came around the corner, half in my lane. Thank God for the bag!

Also, bike riders stop on top of hills (understandably) and are almost always part way in a lane. Many of these are blind approaches to drivers, causing us to cross double yellow lines and praying no one is coming from the other direction.

Please guys, get off the road in those places. Nobody wants to get hit by a vehicle going 40 mph. This also happens on corners. Bikers, please be aware of blind approaches like these. Think where you are stopping before you do.

Steamboat Springs is not a safe place anymore to be a biker, driver or pedestrian. Houston, do you think we have a problem?

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Hester Vogel

Routt County