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Hear me out

The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance

Released Oct. 24

Wait! Before you skip over this review, writing MCR and their new album off as “emo” and not worth listening to, hear me out.

While I am well aware of the fact that most of the teen population in Steamboat eschews the genre of music known as emo (a genre under which My Chemical Romance falls), this is actually a pretty good album. I’m not a huge fan of MCR’s early work; most of their songs are a little too screamy and dark for me. But The Black Parade is different.

The album is conceptual – a musical storyline. It’s the story of a dying hospital patient, whose fondest memory is seeing a marching band with his father as a boy. There are a few songs on this album which are a little abstract or down-right strange – particularly the final track “Blood,” which is bizarre and slightly disturbing. However, tracks like the satiric “Dead!” the mournful “Cancer,” and the optimistic ending “Famous Last Words” compensate for the album’s shortcomings.

I should also mention that the band’s lead guitarist is incredible, and his talent is something to be commended. This CD isn’t for everyone; I have a feeling many classic rock fans will dislike it. And even if you don’t buy the album, you should still purchase the single “Welcome to the Black Parade.” It’s catchy, anthem-y, and has great lyrics.