Health book review: ‘Polio: An American Story’   |

Health book review: ‘Polio: An American Story’  

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‘Polio: An American Story’  

by David M. Oshinsky

In a nonfiction book that reads more like your favorite novel with many parallels to current hot issues, Oshinsky explains the Salk-Sabin race to develop their respective vaccines for Polio — one live-attenuated, one killed virus — into the larger context of postwar American society.

This is a story of two different scientists with a common mission. The book goes beyond these two men; vaccine research, to highlight how public perception and community involvement together founded the organization, The March of Dimes.

The organization changed how medical research and fundraising is conducted in the United States. Oshinsky explores why polio vaccine development inspired change in government regulations around pre-market drug testing and licensing. Oshinsky details the mistakes made in early vaccine trials, relevant to today's vaccine discussion, public health history. This is a book for those interested in medical or US history or just looking for a good read.

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