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Hans Binnendijk: Dangerous intersection needs stop signs

Your Friday, Feb. 15 “The Record” entry included an item about a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Walton Creek Road and Village Drive. This is not an isolated incident. It is a particularly dangerous intersection. I have witnessed at least one other recent accident there and have had some close calls myself.

At that intersection, there are stop signs on Village Drive but not on Walton Creek Road. Traffic comes down Walton Creek Road at high speed. Snow and ice make it especially treacherous, as cars on Village Drive slide into the intersection and Walton Creek drivers cannot stop.

A similar nearby intersection at Walton Creek Road and Whistler Road is much safer, because it has four-way stop signs. The city of Steamboat Springs has an opportunity to prevent a potentially deadly accident at this intersection by adding two stop signs on Walton Creek Road, making the intersection a four-way stop.

I urge the city to do that soon, before it is too late.

Hans Binnendijk

Steamboat Springs

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