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Hannah Hoffmann and Bob Schneider: Editorial board experience gets high marks

We have just finished a four-month, once-a-week tenure as members of the editorial board of Steamboat Pilot & Today and wish to share our feelings about that experience.

We were much impressed by the amount of thought and care that went into each editorial. Personal “tastes” were put aside when making decisions on exactly what subjects to cover, what to say and how to say it. Any member of the board could disagree with what was to be written and given the opportunity to express his/her view in a separate editorial, but that never occurred because of the regular open discussions and equanimity on all sides.

Each week, we had the opportunity to pick subjects that we thought should be addressed, so we were not limited in scope. The depth of knowledge of the board’s regular members — Tom Ross, Lisa Schlichtman and Suzzane Schlicht — on those issues was helpful in bringing us "up to date” because of their earlier reporting and experiences. We therefore had enough information to make reasoned judgments about what was discussed.

Foremost was their passion for helping educate Yampa Valley residents in a serious effort to keep them up to date on local issues and to do their best to see that the health of our valley, both mentally and physically, is maintained and improves.

We highly recommend that others take advantage of this opportunity if it arises, and we also commend Steamboat Pilot & Today for creating and implementing this system.

Many thanks to Steamboat Today for allowing us to share in your passion.

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Our best wishes,

Hannah Hoffmann and Bob Schneider

Steamboat Springs