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Haley and Bill Doyne: You can’t legislate crazy

To even write these words, I struggle. Again, and regrettably again, our fountain of youth are targeted for no reasonable explanation.

Our parents remember where they were when John and Bobby Kennedy were shot. They were landmark events. Sept. 11, 2001, was Tuesday morning. My daughter was 3, my son, just a few paychecks old. I knew everything in my surroundings. I get it.

There are many landmark events every single day. The earth is a big place. We can only process so many. The information age, which we are in the middle of, gives us more than we can reasonably digest.

Our kids are no different. As an adult, I still drink from a fire hose. How do they do it with diminished coping skills all youth have?

So, here we go again, a young person with a weapon tore families apart, and as the supposed, “top of the food chain,” we humans struggle to reason.

Chris Rock once referred to such. He pondered what ever happened to, “Just, plain, crazy?” Unfortunately, that answer doesn’t sell tickets. People need more than that as an explanation.

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I simply put forth this, “You can’t legislate crazy.”

Gun control isn’t the answer. Gun control is simply closing the barn door after Trigger got out. I understand those of you who scream such words after you bury your child. I saw the videos from the other day. It hurts.

My workplace came to a screeching halt as Columbine unfolded. I lived two miles from there. Red Rocks was our backyard, what could possibly go wrong?

There were reported warnings that law enforcement were aware of. Do you want to blame them?

You love their salacious comments on current politics. They knew, why didn’t they do anything? Meanwhile another local person has been stalking someone’s child. Where to prioritize?

My co-parent and I made our decision to move here simply to give our kids a fighting chance to grow up in an environment devoid of violence and conflict. We made a good decision on many fronts, but parenting is not a push-and-play proposition. Even though you can leave your car unlocked, your kids still need a high amount of interaction. Without it, they can fall prey to everything the world has to offer.

And, as parents, we fight every day to right the ship. Mother Nature doesn’t always provide navigable weather. Blame doesn’t provide solutions, perhaps nothing more than a false sense of security to sleep that night.

Bad apples have been a part of the basket since the sun first rose.

In my opinion, society is one, big, complicated game of Whack-a-Mole.

Maybe a hug and an attentive ear would do more than a piece of legislation.

Haley and Bill Doyne

Steamboat Springs