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Hal Levin: Why I live here

I moved to Steamboat Springs in 1977 to ski. Since then I’ve been very lucky with work taking me to many different cities and countries. When returning home a wide smile ensues when the Yampa Valley comes into view. One reason for smiling is our natural surroundings, but there are many more reasons.

In early October, while descending from Eisenhower tunnel on Interstate 70 west heading home, I was run off the road by an out-of-control tractor-trailer truck. Seriously injured, I spent a month in Denver recovering.

I returned home in November with the conditions that included no driving and no exercise. I was only allowed to walk and pick up things that weighed less than 5 pounds. I did not know how I was going to eat, live, shovel snow or get around.

Those problems were solved without asking by: Jennifer, Olivia, Jacob, Todd, Layla, Dave, Denise, Todd, Carol, Gail, Karen, Roger, Katy, Micheal, Eva, Pat, Drew, Sally, Caroline, Freya, Hugo, Nelson, Jake, Jan, Johnny, Erin, Kaeden, Skylar, Eli, Sarah, Ann, Billy, Lynn, Matt, Cheri, Ed, Eric, Shine, Russ, Magdulene, Peter, DJ, Deb, Leslie, Jessie, Alex, Maria, Les, Lucas, Hans, Travis, Tal, Rob, Jennifer, Jake, John and anyone else I may have forgot.

As healing continues, many thanks. This is why I live here — community.

Friends And Love Always (FALA),

Howard “Howie” “Hal” Levin

Steamboat Springs

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