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Hagenbuch family: Vote ‘yes’ on 5A

As people go to their mailboxes this week and take out their ballots, they will be faced with many critical decisions. While some of their decisions may be difficult, we hope they find one that is an easy choice.

Our community has always supported education of our children, and we ask that they continue to do so. In South Routt, our neighbors have an opportunity to vote “yes” on question 5A, which raises much-needed funds to pay our teachers a better wage. As parents of Soroco students, we fully support this ballot measure and think it is high time our dedicated instructional staff is paid commensurate with their experience and dedication to the job.

Soroco schools are high performing. Recent state reporting shows that Soroco ranked second in Northwest Colorado in student performance, a figure that is highly attributed to the efforts of our instructional staff. Yet our teachers are paid the lowest rate of the 11 districts in our area.

Moreover, our costs of living are high. If we are to retain a professional, caring teaching staff in South Routt, it is incumbent upon our community to ante up and pay them a livable wage.

Voting “yes” on 5A is a vote to support our kids, our teachers and our community. Those are surely causes we can all get behind even if we struggle to find common ground on many other issues.

Todd, Sarah, Trevor and Amelia Hagenbuch


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