Guinea pig Leonard garnering attention at Routt County Humane Society |

Guinea pig Leonard garnering attention at Routt County Humane Society

Sonia Butler visits a guinea pig named Leonard on Monday at the Routt County Humane Society.

The Routt County Humane Society has a friendly, fluff ball named Leonard that is getting a lot of attention.

"I love guinea pigs," said Sonia Butler, who stopped by the shelter Monday to get directions. "I wish I could take him."

While Butler is not able to take care of Leonard, the Humane Society hopes to find someone else who can offer him a home.

A man found Leonard in Steamboat Springs at a place he described as "dog park trail" and brought him to the Humane Society.

"He seems really friendly," shelter manager Karen Donoghue said. "He's good at being handled.”

Leonard is also hungry.

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"He's got a pretty big appetite," Donoghue said. "He likes to eat a lot of hay."

This is not the first time the Humane Society has housed a guinea pig.

One was surrendered by a person who was moving away, and another was left in a box in front of Pet Kare Clinic.

The Humane Society is not just in the dog and cat business.

In the past, they have also found owners for turkeys and bunnies.

The shelter shies away from taking in chickens, but it now has the ability to take pigs at an off-site location.

Leonard will be available for adoption after he is neutered Wednesday.

The Humane Society also has 12 dogs and 31 cats available to adopt.

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