Greg Romberg: Ridiculous charges |

Greg Romberg: Ridiculous charges

I must respond to Stuart Orzach’s unnecessary and unprovoked attack on my father, Bud Romberg. Orzach’s Oct. 9 letter to the editor says, “The ‘go along to get along’ philosophy preached by Bud Romberg and practiced by his cronies, the City Council majority, has put our community in a predicament where everything we hold dear is threatened.”


If Mr. Orzach wants to support someone other than my father in the council-at-large race, he should. But ridiculous accusations and hyperbole intended to divide the community is what threatens what we hold dear.

Who are my dad’s cronies? Are they the longtime residents who raised their families with ours in Steamboat. Are they the thousands of students who learned chemistry and physics from my dad or benefitted from his service on the Board of Education? Are they the recipients of affordable housing based on my father’s work as a member of the Yampa Valley Housing Authority Board? Are they children who receive child care through my dad’s work as a Young Tracks Board member? Are they people who enjoy recreation and open space because of my dad’s work on the Boards of the Recreation Association and Emerald Mountain Partnership? Are they people who have received food and clothing from LIFT-UP, where my dad serves on the finance committee? Are they people who benefitted from Dad’s years of service at the Kiwanis club?

If go along to get along means finding win-win solutions among levels of government and between the public and private sectors, I’m sure Dad will proudly plead guilty.

Steamboat voters should carefully consider the candidates available to them in the at-large and other council races and vote for the candidates who share their values and have the capability to implement their visions. What they shouldn’t do is denigrate themselves and the democratic process by ridiculous charges and personal attacks.

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Despite many changes, Steamboat continues to be the very special place it was when my parents chose to raise their family there and be involved members of the community almost 40 years ago. My father’s service to the community, along with the contributions of all the other candidates, should be appreciated regardless of which candidates voters support. Orzach owes my father and other people who care about Steamboat an apology! Steamboat deserves better.

Greg Romberg