Greg Forney: Sailors pride |

Greg Forney: Sailors pride

Greg Forney

— I’ve just returned home from the Steamboat Springs High School football awards dinner at the Sheraton in complete awe of the community in which we are so privileged to be a part.

Our sons were so fortunate to have such a successful season and the confidence that goes along with great accomplishments. Of course, they had so much help from their generous coaches, parent volunteers, corporate sponsors and numerous members of our community. Which is, of course, a team effort all the way.

These young men have an indelible life lesson to carry forward of meeting a challenge head on, working hard, working together, persevering and triumphing. I am so thankful that our son was able to be a part of this team, and his teammates have just the “right stuff” to succeed big in life, too. We have some strong new members moving up. Isn’t it exciting?