Greg Breslau: Promote good fishing |

Greg Breslau: Promote good fishing

I have spent a great deal of my life living in and enjoying the wonderful town of Steamboat. I am an avid fly-fisherman, and after fishing all across the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, I have come to the conclusion that there is no river like the Yampa. It is one of the most amazing, and underrated, fisheries in the world.

My concern is that the Steamboat Pilot & Today posted photos online and in the paper showing a harvested brown trout in some kid's backyard and a brown trout that was dragged up into the sand with dirt in its gills. Given the fact that the 90 percent of the public water on the Yampa is catch and release only, I think the newspaper should endorse and promote photos of fishermen practicing catch and release. The reason the Yampa is such a good fishery is because catch and release was implemented years back, and the trout population is thriving. When some out-of-towner sees a monster brown trout about to be slapped on the grill on a Facebook post … I think it sends the wrong message of what fishing on the Yampa is all about.

Greg Breslau

Steamboat Springs