Grand County building permits decline |

Grand County building permits decline

Tonya Bina/Sky Hi Daily News

Grand County building permits are considerably down this year, according to the most recent report from the Grand County Building Department.

The building department’s year-to-date dollar valuation comparison shows 2007 at $126 million compared to 2008 at $56 million.

Grand County Building Official Scott Penson clarified that the building department arrives at valuations using $85 per square-foot for single-family homes, which is much less than market rate. They are not valuations used by the assessor’s office or any other agency but for the building department records only, he said.

Nevertheless, the valuations reflect a significant downturn from one year to the next, he said.

A total of 637 building permits were issued through Oct. 31, according to the report, and 59 septic permits, 6 mobile home permits and 16 demolition permits.

Last year’s comparable figures show 864 permits at this time.

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In 2008, there have been 119 single-family dwelling permits and 512 “other” permits. Last year, there were 232 single-family dwelling permits.

Another 28 permits are “ready to be issued.”