Graffiti gab |

Graffiti gab

Area artists tell their perceptions of recent vandalism

The fliers started going up all over town several weeks ago. There were no words or loud announcements of message or purpose. As the number of fliers doubled and tripled and spread across town, police and residents started to notice. Routt County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.

The symbol looks like a lot of things — if you look long enough.

Depending on who you are, the fliers fit somewhere between art and mindless destruction of property.

Area artists gave their opinions:

Dan Lemmer, 37

What does it look like? “One eye samurai.”

What do you think of it? “In principle, I think it’s pretty cool. There’s slightly too much of it, but I always thought there should be some kind of guerrilla art around here.”

Patricia Branstead

What does it look like? “A hat or something, but it could be some kind of white supremacist thing. I don’t know. Does it mean anything?”

What do you think of it? “Being from New York, you would see it everywhere. There used to be an artist who painted shadows on things and that was kind of cool. I’m surprised there has been such a big reaction.”

Julie Anderson, 25

What does it look like? “A lotus maybe, but they also look like helmets. I definitely took a look at them, I just don’t know what it is.”

What do you think of it? “I think it’s kind of cool. I don’t know what the symbols mean, but assuming that the symbols are benign, I think it’s something that livens the town up a bit.”

Paulie Anderson, 33

What does it look like? “Ink blot test.”

What do you think of it? “I don’t mind some good graffiti, but I didn’t think it was that interesting.”

Kevin King, 31

What does it look like? “Looks like a flower that’s blooming.”

What do you think of it? “I like it. It’s different than the normal decor of what you see around here. I don’t know if I like the amount. There’s too much of it.”

Chula Walker, 29

What does it look like? “A one-eyed martian.”

What do you think of it? “I think it’s interesting. It adds color to our little town.”

Bill Sanders, 55

What does it look like? “I haven’t seen it.”

Who put it up? “Generally, it’s kids with too much time on their hands.”

What do you think of it? “With graffiti, I think they should put up a bill board at the skate park and they can do their graffiti on that.

“But there are other creative outlets for creative expression. I would say, if you have talent, don’t give it away. Sell it. Giving it away — that’s silly.”

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