Gerald Greenwood: Town’s interest |

Gerald Greenwood: Town’s interest

To the Town Board and residents of Oak Creek:

It has been more than two weeks since the town election. Before the election, there were issues raised in the form of a “fact” sheet. Then there was the rebuttal “additional fact” sheet.

The “issues” raised were about the budget — primarily the balances for the general, water, and the sewer funds. The question asked was “Should our next grant be for a complete audit as to how much money we actually have before spending more?”

It is general knowledge that grants are a good tool to help accomplish set objectives and that there is a cost associated with getting them.

I think there is some confusion as to which facts are fact. It would be in the town’s interest to direct staff (the treasurer, and town clerk) to provide a nonpartisan response in an upcoming newsletter to set the record straight.

All boards need to have confidence in the figures they work from. Residents, too, need the confidence in the budget figures, and in their elected officials to make good, informed decisions on their behalf.

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This is an opportunity to clear the air, set a benchmark for future accountability and move the town forward.

Thank you,

Gerald Greenwood

Oak Creek