George Danellis: Thanks, public servants |

George Danellis: Thanks, public servants

George Danellis

In recent weeks, I was compelled to navigate a rarely used process relating to property title. Much of the process was bureaucratic, involving state and Routt County entities. I wanted to note today that the assistance I received at the Routt County Courthouse is what allowed me to be successful, despite a tight timeline of my own making.

The Routt County offices of the Clerk and Recorder, Treasurer, Assessor and Department of Motor Vehicles not only assisted me individually but also liaised with other county and state departments when it facilitated my effort. Of particular note is the attentive service I received at the DMV, where they guided me through the process of an otherwise headache-causing bureaucratic flow chart, and the Assessor's Office, where staff was otherwise in the midst of the busy valuation objection period.

While it isn't always easy to navigate governmental regulations and bureaucracy, it seemed important in this instance to give thanks to our often underappreciated public servants.

George Danellis

Steamboat Springs