Geoff and Janie Leaver: Thanks for the great emergency care |

Geoff and Janie Leaver: Thanks for the great emergency care

We are an Australian couple who spend the ski season and part of summer in our recently purchased condo at Wildhorse Meadows.

On Tuesday evening, my wife had finished skiing for the day and was standing on our balcony enjoying the evening. She unfortunately slipped on some ice and hit her head on the wall as she fell. Her face suffered lacerations, and a cut was opened on the bridge of her nose.

After initially thinking that a bandage and antiseptics would suffice, my wife suffered nausea and became anxious. After a few hours we jumped in the car and visited the Emergency Center at the Yampa Valley Medical Center.

In an era where consumers feel the need to be critical of many service providers, it is pleasing to report the service my wife received was exceptional. The staff appreciated our anxiety and made every effort to comfort us.

Dr Cionni, Deb and other staff members displayed thorough professionalism in conjunction with understanding and compassion.

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We returned home after a couple of hours with my wife requiring stitches and several abrasions sporting heavy applications of antiseptic cream.

We felt it important to acknowledge the efforts of the Emergency Care team. It is very reassuring that all Steamboat residents and visitors have a wonderful group of individuals committed to maintaining our wellbeing.

Geoff and Janie Leaver

Steamboat Springs