Gaylon Kent: Accept the challenge |

Gaylon Kent: Accept the challenge

Friends, throughout history it has been common to ask, “If not us, who, and if not now, when?”

That question resonates this election season.

We can either continue to accept a government that by any measure is substandard, or we can accept the challenge of making our government right. I am running for the United States Senate because I have accepted that challenge, and I want you to accept that challenge with me.

I support a flat tax of 10 percent on citizens and businesses, because low taxes and free markets will produce a flourishing economy.

I support an America that gives other nations the dignity of conducting their affairs without U.S. interference because we cannot have a peaceful world without a peaceful America. Anybody who tries to tell you we can have a peaceful world by bombing sovereign nations we have declared war on is either deluding themselves or is trying to delude you.

I support gay marriage, because a nation conceived in liberty must extend every liberty to every citizen.

I support our Second Amendment rights without qualification or exception because we would not accept restriction on our First Amendment rights, so why are we accepting them on our Second Amendment rights?

I support an America that makes it easier for people to live and work in this country because this nation has always benefited from an immigrant’s work ethic and we should continue to do so.

Friends, by any measure our government is a fractured, partisan, bickering and substandard mess. Returning an incumbent to the United States Senate is not going to change anything. You know it and I know it. The time has come for us to stop throwing rocks at the castle from across the moat and to cross the moat and join the battle.

The time has come for you and I, we the people, to accept the challenge of making our government right. It starts with you, and it starts with me, and it starts Nov. 4. I look forward to having your vote for United States Senate.

Gaylon and his wife, Marian, moved to Routt County in 2011. They now reside in Hayden.

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