Gayle Dudley: Health and rec does attract tourists |

Gayle Dudley: Health and rec does attract tourists

I was shocked to read the recommendation for funding from the committee to spend our lodging tax dollars.

Their statement that the Health and Rec facility does not attract tourists to come here is unbelievable.

When I am at Health and Rec (and I am there most days), there usually is at least several tourists or families visiting Steamboat using the facilities. They come before events (tournaments), after skiing, any free time in their schedule or before bedtime for the hot pools.

In addition, I feel that if we have an organization like Health and Rec in our community that does not cost the taxpayers money, we should strongly support this option. As a community, we already pay plenty for the ice rink in terms of salaries, maintenance, building costs, etc.

Health and Rec facilities are used by many segments of Steamboat population from senior citizens, children and infants, families, young single adults, teens and many community organizations.

This is a nonprofit organization that had benefited the community in many ways for many years. We need to support them in their efforts to provide more opportunities for the community and our visitors.

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