Gary A. Hofmeister: The Gold business |

Gary A. Hofmeister: The Gold business

In the major second page story on Andy Gold running for Colorado Legislature last month, it describes him as a “business owner” but does not say what it is.

Then he goes on to pontificate that we need to take the “profiteering” out of health care because it should gravitate to a “higher social value.” How dare those doctors, nurses, paramedics et al… demand money from the sick. How do they sleep at night?

Brilliant. But why stop there? If we can be enlightened as to Mr. Gold’s business, let’s take the profiteering out of it as well. And what about the clothing stores? We all live in a cold, snowy atmosphere and we should certainly have a “right” to basic clothing.

In fact, some of my favorite people are those who think fine jewelry is a need, not a want. I’m with them.

And since we’re on the subject of rejection of profits and the mandatory implementation of altruism, perhaps we should get some data on countries that have tried this to see how well it worked.

Whoops. The USSR is gone.

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Oh, well.

Gary A. Hofmeister

Steamboat Springs