Gail Sigman: Defending Romberg |

Gail Sigman: Defending Romberg

It’s too bad supporters of Bud Romberg’s City Council opponent feel the need to attack Bud, who is my father, instead of supporting their candidate.

The latest salvo is an ad attacking Dad because my parents, brother and I bought a lot in West End Village.

The ad somehow suggests that our investment was bad for affordable housing in Steamboat Springs. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We were financial supporters of West End Village, helping to establish the critical mass for the project to move forward. The developer placed restrictions on our free market lot specifically to prevent profiteering.

I don’t know why the so-called “Citizens For a Better City Council” felt the need to run attack ads, but the attack against Dad is off base.

Having raised a family in Steamboat Springs on a teacher’s salary, he understands the need for affordable housing. Our investment in West End Village, along with Dad’s work on the Yampa Valley Housing Authority Board, reflects that understanding.

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Gail Sigman