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Funk/rock/jazz band influences

Margaret Hair

— For The Grip’s first trip to Steamboat Springs, the jazz-heavy rock trio will pair with the musically matched, formerly local Holden Young Trio.

Where HY3 embraces funk with a harder edge, The Grip bulks up its sound with Jimmy Smith-inspired organ lines, drawing on jazz fusion to create psyched-out jams. On Saturday, the two bands share a bill at Mahogany Ridge, playing separate sets before morphing into a jam supergroup to close out the night.

Both acts offer a list of their closest-held influences, from the expected (James Brown, Jimmy Smith), to the logical (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop Dogg), to the musically intangible (nature, pink wine).

¤ Holden Young Trio’s influences, compiled by leadman and guitarist Holden Young:

1. Nature: There is nothing better than touring around Colorado watching the landscapes change through the seasons – always an inspiration to keep going and growing.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Chili Peppers have an innate sense of freak with a taste of musicality and an irresistible groove.

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3. Travel: I am always surprised by how similar people are in place to place – just with different hand gestures and accents. All too often we distinguish people from one place to another when really everyone has the same heartaches, backaches, pancakes and awkward retakes. This inspires me to see our equality even when it is the most difficult thing to see.

4. Good friends: No explanation – everyone knows the secret to life is good friends! I still feel like I have a home in Steamboat because of all my good friends here.

5. James Brown: Get up and dance! Shake the foundation of your routines, egos and patterns and dance till you drop. James Brown, RIP.

¤ The Grip’s influences, compiled by drummer Stu Crair:

1. Stanton Moore (of Galactic and The Stanton Moore Trio): We had the honor of opening for The Stanton Moore Trio recently, and he reinforced why he is one of my favorites. He made the whole crowd boogie by himself, and he plays with such power and grace with the other members of each band. Right after that gig, we wrote a song called “Moore or Less” with him in mind and it keeps a New Orleans funk feel. Recently, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band from New Orleans played it with us while touring through Fort Collins, and it gave it all a new meaning. That was one of the cooler experiences of our lives.

2. Jimmy Smith: Walter Hannah (organ, keys) and I recently watched some old videos online of Jimmy Smith tearing up the B-3 organ, and I think it made us realize how innovative he was. We’ve been trying to push the jazzy boundaries of what we are playing without losing the groove. He was a master at that.

3. Lettuce: Opening for this band at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre this summer, we all were taken aback by the tightness of this funk. We’ve all been fans for a while, but it was great to meet them and pick their brains for a second. An amazing band we all love.

4. Snoop Dogg: We all grew up listening to Snoop and love his beats, as well as a lot of the other ’70s funk-based hip-hop of that era when Snoop and friends were great. Lately, we’ve been covering “Sensual Seduction,” one of his new tunes, with Walter playing his homemade talkbox, and it has led us to trying lots of other “talkbox” tunes. We call Walter’s musical creation “The Waltenator.” It’s pretty freakin’ (awesome).

5. Zull Austrian Red Wine: For some reason, this stuff makes us play out of our minds. It is a pink wine and all, but it tastes great and it seems to put us in the perfect headspace. Who would have thunk it?